Project title:

Waste not, Want not: empowering schools in the EU to become educational hubs for wide school community transition to the waste free future through innovative educational digital tools and whole school approach.

Project objective

Our aim is to enable teachers to access online training support in delivering education for sustainability in a post-Covid digital arena. The project will help tackle the huge issue of plastic and food waste in our society by inspiring young people to be the change they want to see.


  • The project will create an online platform with innovative educational resources for teachers and students in the form of best practice examples which will harness the enthusiasm of the school community and empower the children to take action. We will support schools in creating user-generated content and we will provide support to equip teachers with the skills to deliver and communicate change in the school.
  • The partners will embed the new resources into their work and disseminate widely.

Project results: 

  • Interactive online platform with a broad spectrum of learning resources for teachers/students
  • Engagement of target groups to make real change happen
  • Change multiplication – engagement of wide audience and embedding of resources into daily work

The project will provide youth with skills to create meaningful impact and enable their voices to be heard around waste and climate discussions, and make every voice become part of the solution in the EU strategies to tackle climate change.

Participating organisations

  • Partner 1: Skutečně zdravá škola, z.s., Czech Republic
  • Partner 2: Kaiblinger & Zehetgruber OG, Austria
  • Partner 3: Celostno izobraževanje o prehrani Tanja Bordon s.p., Slovenia
  • Partner 4: Oekomarkt Hamburg Verbraucher-und Agrarberatung e.V., Germany
  • Partner 5: Equalita, Institut für Qualifizierung und Vernetzung in Europa e.V., Germany
  • Partner 6: Skutečně zdrava škola o.z., Slovakia
  • Partner 7: VU PO AGROBIZNES I RAZVITIE NA REGIONITE, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
  • Partner 8: Bundesgymnasium und Bundesrealgymnasium Kundmanngasse, Vienna, Austria
  • Partner 10: Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov Vocational High School of Tourism, Plovdiv, Bulgarie